Reliance Precision Manufacturing  (Ireland) Limited

We are a precision engineering company based in West Cork. We have always found it impossible to keep the building at a comfortable temperature during winter months. The biggest heat loss was through the double skin asbestos the roof, some of which was over 40 years old.
Back in mid-2011 we decided to obtain quotes for the replacement of the entire with 80 mm King span cladding. We could not afford to close the factory down whileroof this work was been carried out so the work had be scheduled for the weekends only. We obtained 3 quotes for the work, one company went out of business within weeks of quoting, and the other 2 were more expensive and did not seem too 4 keen. PJ heard through the grapevine that we were interested in replacing the roof. received his quote within 2 weeks and he said that working at the weekend was I not a problem for his team. I checked his references which were all very complitmentary.
We changed our working week to finish on Thursday evening and this gave team almost 3 full days on site per week. On Thursday evening we would sheet PJ’s over the machines to protect them from the asbestos dust and any falling debris. Sunday evening Gravity would remove all of the contaminated sheeting and On vacuum the work area clean ready for us to start work on Monday morning.
The first section of the building was completed within the agreed time frame. standard of work was very good. The Health and Safety Authority visited the site The and was very happy that all of the regulations were been adhered to. The second phase was carried out almost 10 months later with the same degree of efficiency. The site was always left clean and tidy; all of the waste material was sheeted and stored for removal off site when the roof was finished.
Once the job was completed we employed a specialist company to check that all the asbestos dust had been removed to the required standard. After re-cleaning of two small areas the building was signed off as fully compliant.
Due to improved insulation within the building and standard of finishing we did not have to run the heating within the factory at all last year. We now have a much improved work shop area that all of our staff are very happy with,
PJ Mooney and Gravity Construction did an excellent job. We found them to be very helpful and accommodating throughout the whole project. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for this type of work.

Les Bursell

General  Manager


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