asbestos removal
Land Remediation

Land Remediation

The historic widespread use of asbestos as a building material and its subsequent poor waste management and disposal has resulted in asbestos containing material being present in the soil at many brownfield and some greenfield sites. The asbestos containing materials may have been buried intact, broken up and mixed with other demolition waste or potentially imported to the site as a contaminant in a recycled aggregate or made ground fill material.

Such land contamination issues from Ireland’s industrial past can result in an extremely time-consuming and costly barrier to development. At Gravity, we provide a range of cost-effective solutions for asbestos-contaminated land, as well as site analysis and site clearance. This can form part of a demolition project or as a stand-alone service for the redevelopment of Brownfield Sites to leave your site in prime condition for future development.

Due to our continued investment in the area of land remediation, our team has access to a fleet of in-house excavators and plant equipment which means we can undertake any remediation project, regardless of its size and complexity. Gravity fully understands the commercial risks and pressures placed on developers who may be purchasing, selling or developing sites that require land remediation and we aim to provide an efficient and commercially focused service that will expedite the business goals of our clients.

land remediation
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