asbestos removal
Asbestos Maintenance Plans

Asbestos Maintenance Plans

Removal may not always be required if the asbestos-containing material is not an immediate hazard and future degradation can be prevented. In such cases, Gravity can provide a comprehensive asbestos encapsulation and labelling service to ensure that the existing asbestos is properly secured and identified. Depending upon the location and condition of the asbestos containing material, it’s protection may be achieved allowing safe maintenance protocols to be put in place.

Where practicable, asbestos may be encapsulated with a specialist sealant and other physical barriers that prevents fibre release and potential airborne hazards. This processes can prolong the life span of the ACM and it can be a cost effective measure in the interim compared to a full removal project. The identified asbestos is then integrated into the future management plans for the building and incorporated into health and safety planning.

asbestos maintenance
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