Asbestos identification & Surveys

Generally, the first step in asbestos management and removal is the completion of an asbestos survey which is normally initiated by an enquiry from a client or contractor. Gravity employ independent, impartial, experienced and fully insured asbestos surveyors to carry out the survey most applicable to your project requirements.
Management Surveys are undertaken in order to allow the ‘Duty Holder’ to understand and manage the asbestos within their property, and to achieve Compliance with the Health and Safety Authority’s Guidelines for the management of Asbestos-Containing Materials in the workplace.  This type of survey is generally non-intrusive and seeks to identify any asbestos-containing material’s (ACM’s) which might be damaged or disturbed during normal building occupancy. Management surveys are undertaken in order to produce an accurate asbestos register and provide an overview of ACM’s to all key stakeholders, including those who are undertaking routine cleaning and maintenance within the property.

Refurbishment Surveys are undertaken whenever works are planned to take place and the fabric of the building will be disturbed. This type of survey is intrusive by nature, and will go over and above the scope that is generally included in a management survey in order to ensure that any ACM’s present within proposed work areas are identified. The survey will be planned to investigate all areas of proposed work and as such, careful planning and exchange of information is essential.

Demolition Surveys are undertaken whenever there is a requirement to demolish a property.  This type of survey seeks to identify all ACM’s in the property and will require destructive access to all areas by the Surveyor. Due to the nature of this type of survey, it is often not possible to re-occupy the property after the survey has been completed.

The initial survey identifies, quantifies & determines the condition of the ACM through expert analysis of all samples obtained. Each asbestos survey issued will consist of a full written report with referenced photographs, which detail any asbestos material found or are suspected to be present. A member of our asbestos management team will then discuss the project plans in detail with you, ensuring that all asbestos removal is completed in the safest and most practical manner possible, minimising disruption to your current operation and complying fully with regulatory requirements.

Project Planning

By closely developing each asbestos removal project with you, our asbestos management team will ensure all health and safety policies, in-house procedures and permit-to-work systems are followed. We document everything we do with detailed method statements and manage our projects in strict compliance with current industry legislation, codes of practice and HSA guidelines.

A rigorous regime of internal and external audits ensures quality control procedures are maintained at every stage of the project. Prior to any site works commencing we provide a detailed plan of work (method statement) including site-specific risk assessments. All works are completed by our highly trained and experienced staff, using the most up to date equipment whilst being overseen by one of our dedicated asbestos managers.

Asbestos Removal

Our team of in-house contracts managers have the experience to oversee the most complex projects in any property type and will work with client representatives in order to identify the most effective solutions to your asbestos removal. We employ a competent workforce who have experience of removing all types of asbestos, including Non-Licensed, Notifiable Non-Licensed and Licensed materials.

We offer a complete removal service, including setting up safe and secure enclosures with air lock entry and exit systems along with mobile decontamination facilities for operatives. All removal operatives wear protective clothing and respiratory protective equipment whilst undergoing thorough annual training and medical examinations specific to working with asbestos. All equipment used is the most up to date available and is maintained and tested bi-annually in a controlled environment.

Gravity are legally certified hazardous waste collection permit holders and are fully approved, trained and insured to handle, collect and transport all asbestos containing materials in accordance with health, safety and environmental regulations. As a permitted hazardous waste carrier, our clients can be confident that their asbestos waste will be disposed of safely and in accordance with all relevant legislation.

Land Remediation

The historic widespread use of asbestos as a building material and its subsequent poor waste management and disposal has resulted in asbestos containing material being present in the soil at many brownfield and some greenfield sites. The asbestos containing materials may have been buried intact, broken up and mixed with other demolition waste or potentially imported to the site as a contaminant in a recycled aggregate or made ground fill material.

Such land contamination issues from Ireland’s industrial past can result in an extremely  time-consuming and costly barrier to development. At Gravity, we provide a range of cost-effective solutions for asbestos-contaminated land, as well as site analysis and site clearance. This can form part of a demolition project or as a stand-alone service for the redevelopment of Brownfield Sites to leave your site in prime condition for future development.

Due to our continued investment in the area of land remediation, our team has access to a fleet of in-house excavators and plant equipment which means we can undertake any decontamination project, regardless of its size and complexity. Gravity fully understands the commercial risks and pressures placed on developers who may be purchasing, selling or developing sites that require land remediation and we aim to provide an efficient and commercially focused service that will expedite the business goals of our clients.

Asbestos Maintenance Plans

Removal may not always be required if the asbestos-containing material is not an immediate hazard and future degradation can be prevented. In such cases, Gravity can provide a comprehensive asbestos encapsulation and labelling service to ensure that the existing asbestos is properly secured and identified. Depending upon the location and condition of the asbestos containing material, it’s protection may be achieved allowing safe maintenance protocols to be put in place.

Where practicable, asbestos may be encapsulated with a specialist sealant and other physical barriers that prevents fibre release and potential airborne hazards. This processes can prolong the life span of the ACM and it can be a cost effective measure in the interim compared to a full removal project. The identified asbestos is then integrated into the future management plans for the building and incorporated into health and safety planning.

Waste Collection

To protect human health and the environment, the handling and packaging of asbestos must comply with the Health and Safety Authority Guidelines for the management of Asbestos-Containing Materials.

Gravity are permit holders for all counties within the Republic of Ireland and are fully approved, trained and insured to handle, collect and transport all Asbestos Containing Materials in accordance with health, safety and environmental regulations.

We are able to offer the safe collection and disposal of small consignments of asbestos waste materials for domestic customers including the disposal of garage roofing sheets, guttering, flue pipes etc. providing our customers with the confidence that their asbestos waste will be disposed of safely in accordance with relevant legislation.

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