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Gravity is at the forefront of asbestos removal in Ireland. We have been providing exceptional service since our formation, and have earned an enviable reputation for uncompromising quality along the way. Our highly trained team is trusted within the industry & recognised by the HSA for offering a specialist rapid response to asbestos related issues, across all public, private and commercial sectors.

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Gravity actively contributes to and participates in local initiatives to show our commitment to building positive long-term relationships within the community in which we work. Through pro bono work, charitable contributions and sponsorship of local sports teams, we have embedded ourselves in our local community, building goodwill and enriching our locality.



At Gravity we believe in rewarding our employees. We recognise that our employees are our greatest asset and it is our dedicated, trusted and innovative employees that are undoubtedly the key factor in our ability to successfully rise to the challenges in a difficult working environment and continually expand our market position.



At Gravity we take ownership of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible. We measure ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and are committed to running our business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.



Gravity’s versatility in the removal of asbestos is unparalleled, having the ability to remove all types of asbestos material from all commercial, industrial and residential properties all over Ireland. Whether your asbestos needs to be removed or if it can be safely encapsulated and managed, our specialist teams have the expertise to identify the best way of tackling your individual project and successfully completing it in the most cost-effective manner.



We are reliable, trustworthy, honourable and honest. We can be depended upon with absolute certainty. We are committed to doing what is best for our customers and our employees.



At Gravity there is a palpable atmosphere of friendship, loyalty, cooperation and support – We work together as a team to deliver phenomenal results for our clients.



Gravity have a ‘Yes’ attitude to all projects that we undertake. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to achieve the best possible results and surpass industry standards.

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